movie by candlelight

some of my favorite weekends in life are when angie & i can get together. i am super excited that this is one such weekend. we spent the day at niagara-on-the-lake, then headed back to streetsville, with a plan to eat italian food from the new restaurant in town, andiamo pasta plus, (which i will say is almost ridiculously good) and watch a movie.

but after we picked up the pasta alla nonna and the butternut squash agnolotti and were heading home, i got a phone call saying that the power was out at home. so we made a small detour, and ate our pasta at starbucks, where they still had power. good coffee. good food, there were no complaints!

then, just as we finished eating & began the long five minute drive home, we got a call that the power had just come back on, so we headed home to watch The Kingdom.

so there we were, all comfy, relaxing in my living room when we heard a noise that can only be described as a loud 'BOOM', which was immediatly followed by the lights going out again.

so, fortunately, the portable DVD player was charged up & ready to go, so i lit a combination of candles & tealights, and we continued watching the movie on a slightly smaller screen.

how thankful i am for both technology and good friends that don't allow the party to cease even when the world is blowing up around us.


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