for some reason, the suckiest of situations seems to bring out the best in people.

over the past six days, since gramp died, the truth of this statement has been exemplified in my life, and i am filled with gratitude for...

...the friend who sat in my office and let me cry.

...the friend who came over on friday night to watch a movie, and didn't bat an eyelash when i slept through most of it.

...the friend who helped me feel like my life would go on, and graciously offered her guest room for my family.

...the parents who always simply love my brothers and i.

...the baby brother who always makes me laugh, even when life sucks.

...the friends of my parents, who came, even though mom and dad left kingsville eight years ago.

...the friend of my brother, who looked so grown up, and made us laugh.

...the friend who called just to see how i was doing.

...the aunt and uncle i didn't expect to see at the funeral home who, even though i haven't seen them in almost a decade, haven't changed a bit, and even remembered my best friend.

...and last but certainly not least, the best friend, who crossed borders and drove hours to be at the funeral home, was the first one to arrive, one of the last to leave, and as always, laughed, cried, and ate chocolate doughnuts with me.

you don't always know where the support and love you need will come from, but the past six days have proven once again that i am one immensely blessed girl.


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