review: The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani

there are some books that you just cannot wait to finish. there are also the ones that you must force yourself to pick up just to read a paragraph.

Skye Jethani's The Divine Commodity is neither.

this book is the kind that you desperately want to devour all you can immediately , but at the same time, you don't want to open it, because you know it will be over way too soon.

i will admit that i was an easy sell on this one. any book involving Vincent van Gogh and his art is pretty much a shoo-in to my library. but couple that with a poignant look at how our consumer culture has infiltrated our lives, our churches, and ultimately our view of God, and i couldn't get this book fast enough.

The Divine Commodity tackles seven different areas that need to be deconstructed, such as our pursuit of pleasure or contentment with segregation, and then ends each chapter with a way we can counteract the effects. using examples from his own ministry experience as well as van Gogh's life, ministry and art, he helps his readers see where in their lives they have drank the kool-aid of consumerism, and what they can do to get out. the antidotes that Jethani recommends to oppose the consumer mindset are timeless and brilliant in their simplicity.

if you are ready to take a much needed look at your life, ministry and church, i cannot more highly recommend this book. and once you read it, i would love to hear your thoughts.


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