Review: 'Fearless' by Max Lucado

The default emotion in response to the world we live in could far too naturally and easily be fear. From the dark, looming cloud of the current economic crisis to the ever-present threat of violence in homes, schools and the world at large, it seems that there is always something to be afraid of lurking just around the corner.

In ‘Fearless’, Max Lucado dares to present us with the concept that regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, a life without fear can be more than just a dream. Lucado tackles not only some of the more common fears, like death, or the unknown factor of the future, but he also brings to light fears that are less commonly talked about, like the fear that we don’t matter, or that we will be a disappointment to God.

Admittedly, Max Lucado's writing style is not my favorite. But any style differences took a back seat to the solid content, ideas and inspiration to live by faith rather than fear. I not only enjoyed the book, but it caused me to look at the many situations that I too naturally default to fear in, and has challenged me to move beyond the fear, to a place of faith.

My favorite part, however, is one of the last chapters, entitled, 'The One Healthy Terror', where Lucado takes his book to another level, discussing the one fear that actually has the power to transform our lives in a positive way. In my estimation, brilliant.


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