hello september. i've been waiting for you.

i really do love this time of year. and the truth is, that even though it has been somewhere north of 20 years since i have gotten up excitedly on the day after labor day, donned some new outfit that was really too hot to wear in the still-summer weather, and headed off to the first day of the new school year, i still miss it... and there is a part of me that wishes i could go.

before you begin to think me some kind of super student, i was much more concerned with the social aspects of my high school career than any of the academic pursuits. the classes themselves were merely a means to an end {and my high school art teacher, mr. gombai, will be the first in line to tell you about that! he certainly talked to my parents enough about it...}

even as a child, before my intense dislike of heat, and need to hide from the sun, summer was my least favorite season. i always hated the fact that come the end of june, things stopped. i couldn't see my friends every day. people who i wanted around went on vacation. all the usual was unusual, and not at all enjoyable.

then, hello september.

while there are no pictures, i am sure that on the first day back to school, i walked through the halls with a blissful, goofy smile. so happy to be back surrounded by friends, seeing favorite teachers, and all the lovely chats we regularly had in art class.

so, even though this weekend won't mark the last boring weekend until the fun starts for me, i am excited that today is the beginning of school season. last saturday, i did buy some new pencils and pens... i don't think i will ever get over the need for new school supplies.

and this fall i am thinking of taking a MCS course on the book of Acts, so perhaps that will help assuage the nostalgia that attempts to overwhelm me whenever i pass by large quantities of sharpened pencils.

i can only hope...


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