i would be lying if i said that the last couple of cooler days were not among my favorite of the summer. {of course it helped that Ang was here!}

the cooler days, coupled with seeing the occasional leaf fall off a tree has enhanced my already deep desire for fall to arrive and soon...

days when i will not have to look longingly at my sweaters and whisper, 'soon, my friends.'

days when the perfect grey sky calls to you that the brutal, harsh sun is gone, and it's now safe to come out and play.

days of perfect coolness and bliss.

can you guess what my favorite season is?

what is your favorite season?


AJ Martin said...

Tough call.

I love summer weather, but summer is a busier time for me, working nearly every weekend, so I don't have as much time to enjoy it.

I love the fall colors and the fact I can bring my jeans and hoodies out of hibernation.

I don't know.

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