today is mystery staff outing day.

in the past, we've had one day of the year where all our staff leaves the office behind and goes somewhere to play together, and it has always ended up being filled with laughter and fun. even when we've played golf. not mini golf, but actual, real golf. i still feel the need to apologize when i think about it.

but today is a mystery. i've no idea what we're doing, but it doesn't really matter. we'll have fun.

i don't talk much about my job here, so let me indulge for a moment.

i love my job. i love the vision of PORTICO and its leaders. i love that i get to make things pretty while making a difference. i love that they care about soul health, including that of their staff, and the investments they make into us.

i was originally going to write that i am lucky to work there, but that would be inaccurate. i am blessed to work at PORTICO.

now, i really need to go and figure out how i'm going to get ready for the mystery day. how many pairs of shoes would be considered too many?


Alicia said...

I'm out of the loop and wondering what the mystery outing ended up being?

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