beauty of poetry

I have always been fascinated by spoken word poetry. It's something that I have often thought I would like to try, but don't think I have been brave enough.

Or maybe that is just a fancy way of saying that I have been afraid.

This morning, I watched this TED talk video. Dave Gibbons tweeted the link, and as I listened to this poet, she has inspired me to begin writing poetry again. It's long, a little over 18 minutes, but it is well worth it.

I'm honestly not sure why I stopped writing poetry in the first place. Perhaps because in the glare of everyday life, poetry sometimes seems frivolous. But can beauty every truly be frivolous? And for one who is embracing and exploring the idea of beauty this year, could poetry be overlooked in this journey? Sitting here in the quiet morning, I don't think so.

Perhaps, given that fact that recently I have begun reading the works of more poets—Christina Rossetti, Luci Shaw, Emily Dickinson, Rilke—I am now ripe to begin again for myself. To start the journey, and see where it takes me.

I guess we'll find out...


Anonymous said...

Hope you share and that we get to read some, Suzi. Always enjoy reading your writing! Really enjoy Dickinson and Shaw, too.

Anonymous said...

Suzi, like you, I stopped writing for a while. A long while. Think years.... and now, I'm trying to find myself, my voice, again. Thank you so much for posting that spoken word piece... I enjoyed every minute of it :) And maybe we can swap poems sometime.

I have started writing again, and am going back to spoken word events to recite as well!

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