soul health vs. soul neglect

Sitting at Starbucks last night, before my small group arrived, I was going through my Moleskine reporter notebook, reading over notes I had taken at the Leading From a Healthy Soul conference.

In one of the sessions, Mindy Caliguire explained the difference between a healthy soul, and one that has been neglected. Here are the symptoms of each:

Symptoms of soul neglect:
  • fear
  • defensiveness
  • impatience
  • lack of love
  • lose sight of why we do what we do
  • driven-ness
  • isolation
  • insomnia
  • physical symptoms: digestive problems, headaches, etc.
  • apathy
  • judgmental
  • rushed
  • irritable
  • insecurity

Symptoms of soul health:

  • joyful composure
  • fearless
  • peace in real time, in all circumstances
  • optimism/hope
  • humility
  • passion
  • clarity
  • affection for pursuing God
  • flexibility
  • forgiveness
  • gentleness
  • kindness
  • fresh vision
  • supernatural strength
  • words of life
  • opposite of bitterness
Re-reading this list has been a good wake up call for me. When too many of the first list start to make an appearance in my life, it's time for some 'soul spa' days.

What about you? How's your soul?


Valerie said...

I love that list, Suzi! What a great reminder!

Still lookin for that supernatural strength tho, sure would come in handy when sloshing around these 20lb pails of product into the ice cream machines ;)

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