In the video I posted yesterday with poet Sarah Kay, she talks about having her students write out ten things that they know to be true.

I thought I would do the same.

Here are ten things that i know to be true
{in no particular order}...
  1. The only geographical place in the world I have ever felt at home is Paris, France.
  2. There is a special place in my heart that only comes alive when I hear my family laugh.
  3. There is a God who loves me. {He loves you too.}
  4. Creativity is not an endless well you can always draw from and never take time to replenish.
  5. We are, every one of us, dichotomies in some way... and it is far easier to overlook one's own dichotomies than those of others.
  6. It is naïve to think that one's own bad mood does not affect those surrounding you.
  7. I too easily let the small things immobilize me.
  8. Watching a pot really doesn't stop it from boiling—but wow—does it ever take a long time!
  9. When the little voice in your head tells you to do—or not to do— something, you MUST always listen to that little voice.
  10. Any day when you can wake up and walk past Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in the same hour, will be a good day.
What do you know to be true?


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