i am the first person to want winter. by mid-july, when the heat and humidity in the GTA is relentless, i begin dreaming of softly falling snow. grey skies so pretty you want to knit a sweater out of them. boots. more boots.

but this year, i am tired of cold and snow. not that i desire summer in any way, i don't. simply put, want to see little buds of green on trees. i want to walk with a spring jacket and my purple umbrella through the spring rain. or perhaps, i just want to not be so cold that everything hurts.

regardless, hello March. you couldn't have gotten here at a better time.


bellaverita said...

SO beautiful, Suzi! I LOVE the springtime tree! You have a gift, my friend. Waiting for spring, too.

Phil Aud said...

I love spring - love it more all of the time. Not to be a brat, but...Spring hit here about two weeks ago. There are so many blossom trees in full bloom. It's always amazing to me how you never know when it actually hit. You just look out your window one day and things are blooming - surprise!

Hold on - it's coming your way soon.

Always enjoy your writing - thanks for your posts.

susanne said...

@angie: thanks, ang! how does a spring walk at Niagara-on-the-Lake sound? :-) {is that playing dirty?}

@phil: it gets so hot down where you are, i can forgive you for getting to spring first. :-) thanks for your kind words.

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