the suitcase is out of its usual hiding place.

passport and all the other important travel documents are on my kitchen table next to the orange Lug travel wallet.

i have checked the weather in NYC for next week more times than i can count.

the many items on the to do list are slowly gaining check marks {and some happy faces} next to them.

four days.

that's all that stands between me and my very first visit to New York City.

in case you've never noticed here before, i'm not a good wait-er. and this last week before i head off towards an adventure tends to be torture for me, as if i let it, the anticipation could consume me.

but this time, i'm trying something different. yes, i am excited, and yes i cannot wait to get on that Porter airplane on saturday, but i'm trying to savor the expectancy. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. but i'm trying.
between the wish and the thing lies the waiting. | proverb


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