favorite things

i took a bit of a hiatus, but am now back with more of my favorite things...

the art for PORTICO's current series
i love my job. i get to create all kinds of fun things and see them come to life and be used throughout the church. right now we are in the middle of a series on the book of Acts, that has four different parts to it. when i initially worked on the art for the series, i had four concepts, and figured that one would cover the entire series. this Mac/power button idea was the one i desperately wanted to win. but we ended up going with a different look for each of the four sections, and this is the one for right now. i don't normally hear feedback on how people think the bulletin looks {unless it is negative}, but for this one, i keep hearing how much people like this one!

composition notebooks
i love paper. i love books. so it really only follows that i super-freaking-awesome love composition books. they remind me of being in school, especially the new ones, when the possibility of all the book would contain was still a mystery. before my hopelessly left-handed self sitting in an equally hopeless right-handed desk could make a mess of it. these days, now that my handwriting has been cured by the creation of more 'gauche' environments, i use them for my morning pages, the three pages which i attempt to write every morning, and this week i just began using the pretty flowery one for my new Life Journal. all composition books are great, but if you can find ones that are pretty, it is pure bliss! {oh, and if you find them, let me know where!}

learning from my mistakes
okay, i don't always love learning from my mistakes... especially since sometimes the lessons continue to follow me throughout the years, like this one! but the good thing about learning a lesson the hard, painful way is that you don't ever forget it. this is one that i discovered while sitting in a worship service on Easter Sunday morning, 2007.

i had, actually, thought that this particular mistake was now only a legend, but someone recently unearthed a whole stash of what is known by PORTICO staff as The Queers Brochure.

a bit of background... we had to put together a brochure quickly, i think i started it on the Tuesday before Easter, and my brilliant printer had it to us before we closed the office on the Thursday before Good Friday. let me just say that bad things happen when suzi doesn't have enough time to do things well, and actually see what the final product will look like. the inside of this four-panel brochure had a header that read Questions and Answers. unfortunately, when it was folded, if someone happened to open it the wrong way, the heading, with only the first three letters of 'questions' and the last three letters of 'answers', transmogrified into Queers.

the lesson? take the extra time to know EXACTLY how something will look in its final form.

* * * * *
these are a few of my favorite, if not always unpainful, things.

have a happy, happy weekend.


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