favorite thing

for a short week, this one has really packed a punch.

i've had some pretty heavy personal stuff to work through.

my baby brother became a daddy, and we welcomed Gabriel Edgar Phaneuf into the world.

i saw some art that i began four years ago finally completed, and used as PORTICO's set for Easter.

last night, dad's oldest brother, my uncle silvio, passed away.

then, this morning i attended our Good Friday service, and was once again reminded of God's great sacrifice for us.

given a week filled with such highs and lows, leaves me with a different kind of favorite thing for today. a favorite thing i could not do without. one i would be nothing without.

today, my favorite thing is God's love...
        ...for people who love him back imperfectly.
        ...in spite of the stupid things we do.
        ...regardless of what happens in our daily lives.
        ...for sinful, messy people like me.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for your loss. i hope you are able to soak up good family time as you grieve together...

suzi said...

no worries, alece. my father is flying in tomorrow, and the two of us will drive the four hours down to our old home town for the funeral. and it has been years since i've seen my extended family, so it will be a very good thing.

thank you...

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