usually, right here on my blog, on a friday, you would be reading about my favorite things.

but this week, you'll have to wait another day.

to tide you over, here is one of Rilke's poems, this one about my favorite month...
Out of an April
by Ranier Maria Rilke

Once again the forest is full of fragrance.

It lifts the soaring larks

up into the heavens, which lay so heavy upon our shoulders.

It is true, one could see the days through the branches, how empty they were,—

but after long, rain-filled afternoons,

come the newer hours

overflowing with golden sunshine,

before which, the sore windows of the distant

facades of houses
flee in reverence with beating wings.

Then it is quiet. Even the rain goes more softly
over the stones' peacefully darkening shine.
All sounds tuck themselves wholly away
under the glistening buds of the bushes.

see you tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, Sue. So happy for the golden sunshine and the glistening buds.


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