|diˈvər zh ən; dī-|
-an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.
-something intended to distract someone's attention from something more important.

if we take the time to honestly look at our lives, i fear there are few who could claim that they have no pet diversions. things that we do to avoid doing what we should be doing. the toys in the backyard of our boredom. activities whose sole purpose is to stop our minds from thinking... and possibly realizing how much of our lives we waste by doing basically nothing.

i am stripping some of the diversions from my life during Lent. some of the ways that i use to turn my mind off are gone as of today. escape mechanisms stripped away.

and i can either embrace the journey of facing life unanesthetized, discovering what God wants to teach me through this experience, or i can find new diversions.

right here, in the quiet of the new day, with little else going on around me, i choose to face it head on. in a few hours, when the demands of life come calling, i pray my choice will remain the same.

only time will tell, and more importantly, only i can choose. only i can live this life i've been given.

what terrifying and amazing responsibility.


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