"I am the Lord your God;
consecrate yourselves and be holy,
because I am holy." | Leviticus 11:44
as a kid, it is fun to emulate your parents. we've all seen small children struggle to walk in mommy's high heels or daddy's far too large shoes. it's only natural to want to be like these people who brought you into the world, these people who are there every day, who love and care for you. it's only normal to want to be like them.

but have you ever noticed what happens when what a parent wants a child to do is not what the child herself wants to do? when the parent's will clashes with the child's, suddenly emulating mom is of no consequence.

i don't think we grow out of that very easily.

much, i believe, is the same in our walk with God. when things are going good, all is well. we want to be like God, and seek to both emulate and do as he asked us to. we attend church, go to small group, we take his command to be holy to heart.

then, something happens.

it doesn't matter what the something is, but the result is the same, God's will on one side, and our will on the other.

i'm afraid in the showdown between God's will and mine, i more often root for mine to win. in the choosing between the holy and the common, i too often settle for the common.

i need to stop settling.

right now, things are quiet and all is well. but i know that very soon there will be another showdown between God's will and mine, and the price that holiness requires will not be one that my will will want to pay.

today, i choose holiness, because more than anything else, i want to be like my Father.


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