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since last week's favorite things, i've been sick. my voice left me, and i stayed home, not going much farther than the comfy Roots chair for three days. so, i'm sure you'll understand the 'comfort' theme i have happening here this week...

grilled cheese sandwiches
one of the best of the comfort foods ever. given that i don't even really like cheese, i'm not sure why two grilled slices of bread surrounding real cheddar cheese makes my heart just so darn happy, but it does! couple it with a bowl of steaming tomato soup, some pickles, and everything suddenly seems right in the world.

Kleenex with Lotion!
i am fully prepared to say that i am a tissue snob. i bring my own tissues pretty much everywhere i go, and always keep a private stash at work, so i don't need to use the sandpaper brand. yes, there are those that i work with who have no problem using the standard issue tissues, but perhaps my nose is more wussy than others. but these beauties by Kleenex, with lotion built right in to them are really the best discovery in the world. no, you don't want to clean your glasses with them, but when you're blowing your nose 67 times an hour, it's okay to be picky about that comes close to your face. {yes, i am hugging the box... i love them that much!}

Ikea tea light holders
my last outing, before the cold sunk it's evil claws into me, was a trip to Ikea with my friend Barb. i was being really good, as we walked through what can only be described as two floors of solid temptation to spend money. but when we walked past these black and white floral tea light holders, all my resolve went right out the window. granted, they were only $2.99. so little a price for such prettiness.

i am a strong enough person to admit that when i hear about some injustice or someone hurts someone i love, there is nothing i want more than to be Sydney Bristow and kick all of the offender's bad-guy butts. of course, this all happens in my mind. in reality, me trying to kick box my way out of a paper bag would have the score paper bag: 1 me: 0. but since September 30, 2001, when i was first introduced to Sydney, i have wanted to be her. all five seasons of Alias now reside in my DVD collection, and while i was home sick this past week, i took the time to reacquaint myself with them, and even after all this time, i love its sheer brilliance. is it any coincidence that the creative mind behind this show is the same as LOST, Fringe and Star Trek? one has to wonder if J.J. Abrams ever had a bad idea.
* * * * *

well friends, these are my favorite things for this week. i hope you have a super weekend, and that you'll have no need for Kleenex with Lotion any time soon... but go get some anyway, you're worth it!


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