favorite things

happy friday! here are a few more of my favorite things... {does anyone else have the song from The Sound of Music running through their head?!}

vacation days!

ah, vacation days are pure bliss. and how can a girl be sure? you'll have to trust me since i'm experiencing one right now! i added today onto the already long, family day weekend, and have little planned but hanging with some friends, doing some writing, reading, visiting Chapters and a birthday-edition movie night. as i said, pure bliss.

{oh, and yes, that is matt lauer from the Today Show on my television, and yes, he is one of my favorite things as well. he's pretty...}

hot lips candy
given that i'm not a candy person, the fact that i can eat these babies until i am ill, is a mystery to me. but regardless, i love them. i had to explain them to a friend the other day, and the best i could come up with is that they are like swedish berries with a serious kick.

perhaps they have some mysterious addictive quality...?

pride and prejudice game
last weekend, i saw my best friend for the first time since last fall. she drove up from michigan, and to prove that we are not old ladies, we did many new and different things than we usually do when we get together! {i put that in there for you, ang!} we also exchanged christmas gifts, and this super cool game is what she got me! now, if you're not a jane austen-aholic as i am, this could mean very little to you, but you have to understand how incredibly happy it makes me! you are, after all, reading the words of a girl who owns a pride and prejudice choose-your-own-adventure book! i simply cannot wait to play it.

travel books
simply put, i love travel books. i especially love travel books about paris, but since i am meeting mom and dad in new york city this spring, my love of NYC travel books has grown exponentially. my favorites are the Top 10 series, which i have two different editions for paris, one for london, and soon i will own the new one for NYC which came out only days ago.

well, these are my favorite things today. have a super weekend, and if you feel so inclined, i'd love to hear what your favorite things are! feel free to leave a comment.

happy weekending!


Anonymous said...

So not old ladies, my friend! Hee. Hee. Happy Gaming!


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