favorite things

can you believe it is friday already? this week has gone by so very quickly, that for today, i only have three favorite things. but they really are three good ones.

my map of Paris
in my living room, right next to my Roots chair, i have a large, framed map of the city of Paris. i love that when i'm feeling homesick i can look at the one place on earth i feel at home. i always start at 11 rue des Ecoles, my Parisian 'home', also known as the Familia Hotel, and go from there. planning out where i would walk, what part of the city i would explore if i were actually in the map. its not the next best thing to being there, but it definitely makes it feel a little closer.

Vincent van Gogh
i have loved this man's art, both painting and written, since i first heard his story years ago, and my love for him grows with every new discovery i make of his.

this painting, Bank of the Oise at Auvers (1890) was at the Detroit Institute of Arts when i visited there last year, and it's my most recent 'new' one. i'm looking forward to seeing my next new ones, which i am sure will be in new york city in may.

coconut yogurt!
for anyone who has had to endure watching me eat north american yogurt, let me say that there is redemption! thanks to my friend silvia, i no longer have to go to poland to get yogurt that is not a pain to eat, and couple that with one of my most very favorite things in the world, coconut, and here is a little bit of heaven in a plastic container. so, so yummy!

well, these are a few of my favorite things for this week. i hope you have a super, super weekend, and i'm going to go eat some of that yogurt!


AJ Martin said...

I LOVE that coconut yogurt!

And I'm still waiting to go to Paris. :-( ...One day... [sigh]

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