yesterday in her blog, margaret feinberg threw out what she calls The Book Challenge 2010. she committed to reading 75 books this year, and challenged her readers to pick the number of books they were going to commit to reading in 2010.

this came just after i changed the column on the left of my blog noting the number of books i've read from 'read in 2009' to 'read in 2010', and noticed that i only read 23 books in 2009.

only 23?! that's not even two a month.

i know that the more you read, the stronger your mind and focus becomes. the better you write. the more creative you are. and that is just the process of reading itself! the actual content of the books you choose to read can help shape and redefine the way you look at life.

given all this, i think it is needless to say that i was less than impressed with my total, so when i heard of this reading challenge, i jumped at it.

i have committed to reading at least 75 books this year, with a secret hope that i will hit 100. and it's not like there is any shortage of reading material. my bookshelves are lined with books i promised to read long ago... not to mention that i actually got four books for christmas this year! {three cara black mysteries and francis chan's 'forgotten God'}.

so, what about you? feel up to joining in this challenge with me? it doesn't need to be 75 books, you just need to pick a number, and go for it. it can include textbooks and audiobooks.

are you up for it?


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