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happy friday!

i'm starting something new today, something i'm going to call favorite things fridays. every friday i will post about four things that make my life a happier place or simply make me smile. i hope you enjoy it.

cara black books
i am not sure how i was first introduced to these murder mysteries all set in paris, but i am so grateful that it happened! the heroine, amy leduc, is a private investigator living on the ile st. louis who gets herself into more messes than any one should! she may not be as super cool as sydney bristow in alias, but she can hold her own in stilettos just fine. and because the books are all set in paris, every time i pick one up, it's like taking a mini break to my favorite place.

woodless colored pencils
a trip to the art supply store is definitely one of my favorite saturday things to do. on my last visit there, i found these beauties, colored pencils from the czech republic that have no wood in them! i'm not sure how they are held together, but it doesn't matter. they are pretty, they draw beautifully, are perfect when underlining in my Bible and other books, and quite simply, i love them! one day soon, i will have to discover more than these four colors, though!

i make no apology that i love this television show, not to mention its visionary creator, j.j abrams {also the creator of alias}. even when it has left me with more questions than answers, i have remained steadfast in my love of the show. now that we are only four days away from the beginning of the final season, i am filled with a mixture of excitement, sadness and dread. excitement, because i've been waiting so long for the story to continue. sadness because by may it will be over... and a tiny bit of dread that the end won't live up to five years of creative madness and brilliance. if you're not into LOST, it's not too late. start now. even my friend rick, who is as anti-television {except sports} as a person can get has watched all five previous seasons in the past few months and is as eagerly awaiting the rest as i am. did i mention it was brilliant?

mom & dad
i adore my parents. this july they will have been married for 45 years, and if ever two people deserved each other, it is my parents! they are two very different people who love each other despite their differences, and even after all these years, still love to spend time together. they are loving, kind, creative people who i am exceedingly proud to take after. right now, they are driving around the florida keys and having the time of their lives. i miss you, mom and dad. hope you're having fun!

well, that's it for today. have a super weekend!


Kathy said...

i like this idea!! nice, suz!

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