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tuesday's child is full of grace... | nursery rhyme
i think i have always loved tuesdays.

the madness of monday is a thing of the past, and we're as far from it as one can possibly get.

tuesday is the day i arrived on earth. given the line from the nursery rhyme above, i always wondered if perhaps i was born on the wrong day, since i was more akin to a bull in a china shop than anything known to be of refined movement. but now i know that the grace is God's, not my own.

for many years while working in retail it was my day off, the one day away from the madness of materialism. to get in my car and go to a happy place.

these days, tuesdays are the quiet one. the nights when i come home from work, shut the door, and know that this is time to read, to write, to set aside a few hours to recreate.

these are just a few of the reasons why tuesdays are my favorite day of the week.

what is your favorite day?


alicia said...

I was born on a Wednesday, but I'm not full of woe. That said, Wednesday is not my favourite day. I love Friday. There's an extra spring in my step knowing that the weekend is arriving and I have two entirely free days to enjoy. It's the pre-weekend anticipation that I love the most.

Anonymous said...

I was born on a Wednesday, too and at the moment they are my free day, so I do enjoy them. Sunday, though, has become a day to stay in my PJ's, make blueberry pancakes and hang out with my family. Yeah for Saturday night services!


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