this morning, my Solo devotional posed a question:

if you were to complain to God right now,
what would you complain about?

interesting question, but one that i didn't find especially easy to answer when i was actually looking to complain.

yes, there are things about my life that i am not completely happy about. but the truth is, the majority of things i could whine about are primarily my own fault. repercussions to my own actions, or fall-out from decisions i have chosen to make.

strangely, giving myself permission to find something to complain about, i have a lot less to say than when i am simply living my life, and not paying attention to where my mind wanders, when i seem to have far too much to bleat about.

and i will admit that for someone with such a propensity to whining, i have very little tolerance for others who have the same bent. {i believe the word is hypocrite. ouch.}

reading in exodus, i have to admit that both moses and God have an incredible capacity for dealing with the constant complaining of the isreaelites.

why did you bring us here to die? grumble.

we're thirsty. whine.

we miss egyptian food. moan.

their grumbling doesn't seem to end. and yes, reading about it kind of annoys me.

two things i am walking away with this morning:
  1. i need to think more and complain less.
  2. i need to show the patience and love and care that God shows me to those in my life who share my same predisposition.
* * * * *

how do you handle the grumblers, whether it's you or someone else?


AJ Martin said...

I'm a total hypocrite.

When others complain I tell them to "suck it up". When I'm doing the complaining I demand people listen.

Hypocrite? Guilty as charged.

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