"i've been thinking Hobbes —"
"on a weekend?"
"well, it wasn't on purpose..." | calvin & hobbes
it's friday morning.

matt lauer is in my living room talking to the world. the smell of my parisian nights blend is everything coffee should be. a towel is wrapped around my head like a turban. i've written my three pages, and got a new vision of gratitude via my life journal.

it's friday.

i am not usually a TGIF kind of girl. i have a great job, that i actually love. my co-workers are the best. some of them i would even give a kidney if they needed it.

but this morning, i am tired. it's been a long week, through which i have been fighting a cold, have not slept through an entire night, and my crowning achievement happened yesterday, when in an advil cold & sinus-induced stupor, i deleted all the images from the PORTICO website.

did i mention i was tired?

but it's friday, and at 4:30 pm today, it will be the weekend. i have no real plans for the weekend, just some ideas, but at this point it doesn't matter. it will be the weekend.

so, wherever you find yourself this weekend, i wish for you peace and rest and recreation and joy. so that on monday morning, we'll all be ready and excited to jump back in refreshed and prepared for all next week will hold.


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