i don't know if i've ever mentioned that i have a serious crush on charlotte martin's music. serious. like i own almost everything she's ever done kind of serious. like i listen to her every day kind of serious. like i wish i could hang out with her at starbucks so all the cool kids could see us together kind of serious.

if you need a reason why, she has a hauntingly beautiful voice, and her piano playing is heartbreakingly beautiful. check out her cover of the cure's just like heaven, or the absolutely beautiful snowflake. and to prove that she really is the super-coolest chick EVER, she goes and does an absolutely brilliant track gloriously entitled the stalker song, which i will admit to singing around the office at times.

as i was listening to her tonight, a line of one of her songs jumped out at me, something that every single girl should consider...

if you can't breathe with your head under water,
why should i be with you? |
many rivers

if you've never listened to anything from her, stop now, go to iTunes and buy something. anything, it won't matter. her newest CD, piano trees is instrumental and so, so beautiful, but to really capture her at her lyrical best, start with something like orphans, or reproductions, or veins, or...

did i mention that i like her?


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