i went to see Julie & Julia with L. tonight, and all i can say, is that it was pure bliss. how could it be otherwise, the heady combination of paris, cooking and blogging?!

this afternoon, i predicted to someone that at the end of the movie, i would walk out wanting to cook, and L. would want to blog... so it ended up with me being the one who wanted to to both.

i love baking, but cooking intimidates me. french cooking, in particular, scares me silly. for the life of me, i cannot think of a good reason why this is so. after all, i am french. perhaps one day i will break down and actually buy this cookbook...

one thing i do admire about both women, however, is their tenacity, not only in finding what they wanted to do with their lives, but doggedly doing it, regardless of how much opposition {snooty french women/de-boning a duck/discouragement/disgusting messes} they encountered.

if you haven't yet seen it, and you're in the mood to simply be happy {and hungry}, i highly recommend it. the paris scenery alone is heavenly. i may have sighed, "i am homesick," more than once during the movie.

bon appetit!


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