i brought four books with me on my recent trip to poland. four seemed adequate, given the initial 36 hours of travel time to get to krakow, a week in the city, then a 26-hour layover in london, england on the way home.

but, it seems that all i needed was one.

the thing around your neck, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a collection of twelve short, brilliant, stories. what Jhumpa Lahiri's interpreter of maladies accomplished to give a glimpse into lives of those in and from india, the thing around your neck does for nigeria and its beautiful people.

these stories, filled with hope and hopelessness, beauty and heartbreak, joy and tragedy, are the perfect companion to these hot summer days... even if you read them at home.

whether or not you normally are a short story reader, this book is well worth your time.


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