inspired by my friend B's blog where she lists ten things that make her happy, i thought i would make my own list of blissful things...
  1. a brand new journal.
  2. hearing the voices of my niece & nephews {actually seeing them is truly heaven!}
  3. jeans & boots... not to mention the weather to wear them comfortably!
  4. getting an real, old fashioned, honest to goodness letter in the mail.
  5. climbing into my freshly laundered bed with enough time to read before falling asleep.
  6. paris. remembering my trips to paris. reading about paris. planning my next trip to paris...
  7. saturday movie nights with the girls..
  8. waking up early on a saturday morning & knowing there is nothing i have to do.
  9. any words written by Rilke...
  10. the drawings on my refrigerator made by nicky & megan...


B. said...

i LOVE getting letters in the mail. it doesn't even have to be about anything as long as it's from someone who loves me!

great list!!

süz said...

B. i wholeheartedly agree. i have made the decision that given my love of receiving letters, i am going to start sending more. there is no doubt that we can be the only two left who love this!

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