as i type this, there is a bit of incredulity that the past week has gone by so very fast. but the laundry-filled suitcase on my sofa and the jet lag that woke me over an hour ago are proof that indeed, i have been and returned from krakow, poland.

poland was as beautiful as i remembered it, and before this trip, i had only spent a weekend in the city of krakow, so getting to spend an entire week was amazing.

compared to the global 180 missions trips i am used to, this was another world entirely. for the previous six trips i have been on, whether to poland or ukraine, i have known (for the most part) what i needed to do when i got there. my role in these trips, if done correctly, is to be invisible and let the rest of the team shine. one of my most favorite parts being in seeing someone on the team do something that at the beginning of the process they didn't think was possible for them.

this trip was very different from that. we went to help a newly planted church; to do what they needed us to. whether it be handing out flyers around the town square or playing football with some guys in the park. i hope they were blessed by us, i know that i was blessed by their passion for the city and its inhabitants, including the ones they were less comfortable with.

what am i walking away from this experience with? i am not sure yet. perhaps it is too soon to tell. and while the answer probably won't be found in the unpacked suitcase on my sofa, i am sure it will show up somewhere.


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