as usual, there are a number of books piling up beside my bed silently begging me that they be the next one i pick up. and, as you can see to the left, i am currently reading nine books at the moment. nine very different books, short stories, some memoirs, and some that are challenging the way i look at my life.

i think that nine {or possibly ten} is the limit of the number of books i will read at any given time. some people think i am insane for having so many on the go at the same time, but i once heard a brilliant statement that gave me the freedom to read the way that i do:
you wouldn't wait until the pickle jar was empty to open the olives, so why wait to open one book until another is finished?
i have no idea who said it or where i heard it, but it resonated within me, and stuck. {not to mention that i think whoever said it would have made an excellent friend to sit at starbucks and discuss life and books with.}

so, what are the next books... the ones that are tempting me to scurry through what i am currently enjoying, just so i can get to them? here are three of the most tempting...

the hole in our gospel, by richard stearns, is the first of the temptations. although i have read enough of the book, and enough reviews to know that it will not be an easy read, but without a doubt a necessary one. i have even pitched the idea to my small group that this be the book we study this fall.

the next is one that i've wanted for a while, and have seen quoted and talked about all over the blogosphere, and that is steven pressfield's the war of art. as someone who struggles daily with the need to be creative, sometimes on demand, i am looking forward to learning what so many others have been raving about.

finally, the last book i am looking forward to is one that i got for christmas last year, cecelia ahern's the gift. when i received this last christmas i already had a number of books on the go, so i didn't open it right away. back in june, i decided it was time, but given that the book begins on christmas day, the warm weather wasn't the right setting. so i had to hold off until fall was upon us, which it almost is!

so there you have the three books i am most itching to dive into...um... i'd better end this post now, because already four more have popped into my mind!

happy reading!

what do you want to read next?


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