how i love thee...

there is a cool breeze blowing through my kitchen as i type this, reminding me that in spite of the hot, humid days we've been experiencing, fall is just around the corner.

this fills me with glee.

i tried to explain to someone last week why it is that i get giddy when fall emerges like a glorious sunrise. i don't think i explained it well, i am not even sure how good i will do now.

but there is something about the cooler days, when the sun turns the leaves, and everthing under them, golden.

...when apples are the fruit of choice and pumpkins have their coming out party.

...when a new routine fills the days.

...when we start thinking about the holidays; where we will spend them, who we will laugh and eat and be merry with.

...when friends will start asking where the pumpkin pies are.

...when, of all the times of the year, i feel most alive, most like myself, and most like anything can happen. even the things i spend the rest of the year thinking are impossible.

this is why i love fall.


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