last night around 9 pm, i was so supremely tired, i decided that i would pack it all in, and read in bed for a while before sleep won. but, as i did just that, something unexpected happened.

as laid down in my bed, all fresh and clean from wednesday's laundry extravaganza, i was filled with gratefulness for the fact that i have a bed at all, not to mention one that is as comfortable and beautiful as the one in my home. i was simply overwhelmed by how blessed i am just because of this one thing, not to mention the thousands of other blessings that are strewn throughout my life.

i don't know about you, but when i think about being thankful, i usually stick to the big things: family, friends, God's grace, a job i love, etc. but for some reason, it has never occured to me to be thankful simply because i have a bed. {that being said, in the past, after a two-week missions trip where i have slept on what could only really be called a cot, i have been VERY thankful ... but this is different.}

what are you grateful for?

what is it in your life today that you may have taken for granted, that you now see as the gift that it is?


B. said...

so true! i was thinking about this the other day too. there's so much i take for granted because i don't consider it to be one of the "big" things.

today, i'm super grateful for my family. sometimes i write them off as "the people who're just always there for me." but it occurs to me that they're ALWAYS there for me! and that's amazing!

great post!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for life’s wonderful adventure. No matter what happens our Maker of Adventures travels with us and I love all of His family, like you, that I meet along the way.



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