favorite things

i really love these favorite things of mine... some of these are old and have been with me for years, some are new, and more than one is vital to my sanity.

i don't remember when i first started wearing scarves, it is another of those things that feels much like i have been doing it the whole of my life. much of the fun i now have with my scarves is remembering where i bought them each time they are worn. the black, white and pink one in the photo i got in Niagara-on-the-Lake when Angie and i went there. the orange one i found calling out to me in the window of a little shop on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris. *sigh*

kraft barbecue ranch salad dressing
this little gem of deliciousness i found at Longo's last week, and it is nothing but pure goodness. so far, i have put this on not only salad, but a grilled chicken sandwich, hamburger, and oven fries. i have yet to discover something that it could not make better. now, i haven't tried it with ice cream, but i don't think i'm going to go there!

the Moleskine website says that their aim was to bring back the legendary notebooks of great artists, such as Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway. i haven't talked to Vince or Ernie lately, so i don't know how they feel about Moleskines, but i LOVE them. my first one was a black reporter notebook that Ang got me for my birthday one year, and with that, i was hooked. for the past three years i have used their red daily planner as my portable brain, and most recently i have been scribbling furiously in my Moleskine NYC City Notebook all the things that i want to remember when i get to the Big Apple. it is a rare day when you can catch me without one.

saturday mornings
i love a lazy saturday morning. last week, for example, i was awake before 6am, which is normal. so i gathered up my things and walked over to starbucks {with a stop at the Town Talk bakery for one of their blueberry scones first}. there i sat for over two hours, drinking my cafe americano, writing, reading and watching the world of Streetsville pass me by. it really was pure bliss, and i will do it again and again as often as i can.

* * * * *

well, that i all i have for now... although i am listening to the Emma soundtrack right now, and it being pure bliss itself is my bonus favorite thing for you. the whole album is amazing, but there is one song in particular that makes me stop and notice it no matter what else i am doing. it's called Cliff Tops, and is heartbreakingly beautiful.

have a most super weekend, and as always, i'd love to hear about your favorite things, if you'd like to leave a comment and tell me.


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