i caught wind of this story on the Today Show last week, about two sisters, 83 and 87 years old, one of whom is suing the other over a $500,000 lottery win.

it seems that at one point, given their collective passion for gambling and all things lottery, they had an agreement to split all winnings. then there was a falling out {they don't even remember the cause} in 2004, and they haven't spoken since.

until one of the sisters bought a lottery ticket with their brother, and they won $500,000. now, the ousted sister wants her share.

she doesn't want to come to Easter dinner, but she wants her money.
"I miss her so much, and I love her, and I don't like what's taken place," Sokaitis said. "But all I want is what is rightfully mine. All I want is my share, nothing more."
* * * * *

i shake my head and wonder at the ridiculousness of this. how could you get so far into life, and have money be more important than a sibling?!

but as my head stops shaking, there is a little voice inside my head pointing out all the petty, insignificant things that i tend to put in front of my relationships.

        unforgiveness for a careless word spoken in my direction.
        a favor unreturned.
        hurt feelings.
        unreal expectations.

and while suing others would be absurd, i tend to withhold kindness, friendship, words...making me no worse than these two sisters— no, worse than them, because i have already judged them ridiculous for their pettiness, while standing in a cesspool of my own small-mindedness.

much as i laughed initially, i find myself thankful for this story, and for the spotlight it has shown into the darkness of my own soul.


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