i am the one...

real life is rarely as dramatic as it is in my head.

and if i'm honest, then i would even have to admit that much of the drama in my life is conceived too often within the confines of my own brain. not to mention that many of the problems i face arise from my own doing.

   :    : poor decisions.
   :    : words spoken in anger.
   :    : laziness & its friend procrastination.
   :    : thinking that i can do it all on my own.

sometimes being honest with yourself is one of the more painful things that a person can do.

   :    : at least this person.

this person who has a seeming inability to not extend grace to herself when she fails.

i forget things.

forget that there was a great price paid for my freedom, my life.

forget that, as Brennan Manning put it, "i am the one Jesus loves."

today i will not forget.

i will live in the space of these words:

   :    : i am the one Jesus loves.


bajanpoet said...

Came over from Tam's blog... first time here. Wanna say I enjoy the entire look and feel of your site... and what you've written here is spot on.

Still trying to understand that: I am one that Jesus LOVES.



(Somehow Blogger doesn't like Wordpress users!)

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