favorite days

happy favorite things friday! this week i decided to do something a little different...

there are some days of the year that are simply more special to me than others. here is my top ten list of favorite days.

10. the first day of autumn {september 23, 2010} it means summer and its accompanying heat, which i loathe, is finally over, and the best season in the rotation is beginning!

9. july 14 {bastille day} vive la france!

8. october 31 {the day i put up my christmas tree} while the rest of north america gets dressed up and goes begging for candy, i love being home, watching christmas movies, and decorating my pretty, pretty tree.

7. september 27 {shawn cassidy's birthday}

6. july 1 {my parent's wedding anniversary} i love that they tried to get in on windsor's canada day parade while driving around after the ceremony. i love that they've been married for 44 years and still like hanging out together. simply put, my parents rock!

5. december 26 {phaneuf family shopping day} every boxing day it is the phaneuf family tradition that we all trudge to the mall together, not so much to shop, as to watch the crazy shoppers aiming for whatever deal they can find. that's not to say that we don't buy anything, but the goal isn't the shopping so much as the family outing. these are even better now that my niece megan is old enough to join us!

4. may 8 {the anniversary of the first time i went to paris} i am unashamed to say that when my airplane landed, i cried out of sheer happiness. the man next to me asked if i was okay, and i'm pretty sure he thought i was mentally unstable, but i was too busy reveling in the fact that my feet were on the floor a plane whose wheels were touching french soil...er, tarmac.

3. the day advent begins {november 28, 2010} i love advent, and the weeks preceding christmas. i don't know why or how, but these days somehow feel magical, almost as if the most impossible thing in your life could actually happen.

2. april 19 {my birthday} need i say more? except possibly that i think the whole month of april is magical...

1. the day daylight savings time ends {november 7, 2010} it only goes to follow that tomorrow, when daylight savings time begin, is my absolute least favorite day of the year. getting robbed of one solid hour of sleep is bad enough, but when one wakes up at 5 am, it is a downright tragedy!

* * * * *

now you know my most favorite of days. do you have any days that always make you smile? if so, feel free to leave a comment and tell me about them.

have a most wonderful weekend, and if all it does is rain all weekend, as the weatherman is threatening for us, i hope you have a good book to keep you company.


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