where to go?

i haven't done this in a while...

as i walked to work this morning, i saw three airplanes taking off from Pearson International Airport. and because i cannot see an airplane taking off and not wish i was on it, naturally my mind went to where i would want to go if i could be on one of those three planes.

if i could go anywhere right now, my top three destinations would be...

3. Italy's Amalfi coast i love the pictures of the towns of yellow and pink houses built into the cliffs overlooking water so blue it could break your heart. i'd like to be near water so blue it could break my heart right now.

2. Romania i have wanted to go to Romania for so long. to see the history. roam through castles and fortresses. visit the black sea. and yes, even Transylvania...

1. Calgary, Alberta last week i got to talk to my niece and two of my nephews, and while talking to Nicky, he said, "i miss you, aunt suzi. when are you going to come visit me?" and since i would fight tigers for Nicky, this is naturally the place i want to go most.

{i omitted Paris this time, since i always want to be in my favorite city, it's more of a lifestyle than destination choice!}

where do you want to go?


bajanpoet said...

To meet my Spiritual sisters Jennifer, Denita and their whole intercessors group ... and to meet Alece from (www.gritandglory.com) of Thrive Africa

ENGLAND to meet my sweet English rose, Paula... one of my best friends to date

OHIO to meet another love of my life Wendy

NEW YORK to meet my first intercessor Tola

CANADA to visit my Spiritual momma Kathy....


yeah I think that's it in a nutshell. In fact, I want to be free to minister and travel as the Lord leads, so.... ALL OVER THE PLACE :)

Anonymous said...


my 3 places right now would be

3: England. we really want to go back and see scotland and more of wales

2: Hawaii. almost made it there a few weeks ago but life threw us a curveball and nolw it is still on our bucketlist

1: Surprise Disneyworld, i know we just came back and when we left i felt like that was it i dson't have to come back here again, but looking back at the peaceful relaxing time we spent there we are both ready to return and let the mouse wait on us hand and foot


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you, Suzi. The Amalfi Coast - Capri!! I nearly wept the first time I saw the water. So absolutely, otherworldly beautiful.
I'd go in heartbeat.


suzi said...

@bajanpoet: that's quite a list. sounds like you've got some great people in your life.

@dad: only three? i think you had 42 last time! but all good ones...

@angie: say the word, and i'm ready to go! but if the Amalfi coast isn't a possibility, at least we still have NYC in 38 days!

D J Futers said...

1. Southern California - Anywhere along the coast from LA down to San Diego. I love the relaxed 'surfer' frame of mind and all the quaint little shoreline towns with their wonderful restaurants and coffee shops.

2. Italy - just always wanted to go there.

3. Greece - having been to Israel and to Turkey to see and experience where Jesus and Paul the apostle walked, I still would love to visit all of the Biblical sites in Greece. Plus it looks like a really cool place. (see 'My Life in Ruins')

I did not include Israel in the list for obvious reasons. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to go there?!

AJ Martin said...

1 - Jordan
I'd love to hike through the canyons up to Petra.

2 - Iceland (in the summer)
The scenery, the energy and the fact it's not on a lot of "must-see" lists.

3 - New Zealand
The adventure tourism capital of the world. 'Nuff said.

suzi said...

@ Jeff: your including Israel would be like me including Paris. everyone else just rolls their eyes and says, 'duh'!

@ AJ: good call on Iceland!

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