why is it so difficult to say the words, "you hurt me", even to those who we are closest?

if someone runs over a child's foot with a wagon, there is no question that that child will use all the powers available to them to tell the world that they've been hurt. children clearly have little problem in expressing it when pain comes their way.

but as an adult, i am always more prone to shield my true hurt feelings inside of me, downplaying them as effectively as i can to the rest of the world.

is it my pride, not wanting to be hurt further by a casual brush-off?

do i somehow think that suppressing it is the 'Christian' thing to do?

am i afraid that if i say the words that my hurt or anger will translated itself into tears, and what i have to say will be written off as 'emotional'?

or am i simply ashamed to admit that i was so delicate as to have been hurt by the situation?

if it was me, and i had hurt a friend, i would want them to say something, especially if i appeared oblivious to it, so that i could right the wrong.

it's probably wrong to hope that my friends and family have not done to me what i find it too easy to do... not to mention a bit hypocritical... or maybe a lot hypocritical.

i don't think that i will magically find a way to do this overnight, but i do need to find a way to express my hurt without anger, without it being discounted by emotion, and without downplaying it.

how do you handle it when someone hurts you?


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